You case women like a thief would a home they intended to burgle.

You memorize her comings and goings, her likes and dislikes.

A casual conversation disguises the treasure hunt for potential wedges you could use later to pry her open and slip yourself in.

Once in…you make good on the lurid intimacy you promised…but it won’t be long till you’ve targeted your next mark.

She will be left gaslit, emotionally wrecked and having to pick up the pieces of the bad decisions she’s made and move on with the rest of her shattered life.


©Dani Heart


Satyr’s Sacrifice

Today I saw you…

Really saw you…

At your best…in all your glory.

I imagine…the way he sees you…

Olive skin radiant, long curled mocha tresses bouncing and blowing perfectly in the wind.

Round jubilant espresso orbs filled with love to the point of overflowing…

My heart aches for you a little…because I know…

And I wonder if you know…or when you might…

That it will never be enough.

©Dani Heart