What Price Unity?

I would love to see unity but at what price?

There is no unity without accountability!

You cannot support the overthrow of our democracy while refusing to hold the person who led the insurrection accountable and expect the rest of us to just move on like nothing happened.

At this point I would rather see the radicalized portion of our society exiled to a place far away from the rest of us.

It would be entertaining to see how they fair stewing in their own hatred and fighting amongst themselves while Fox media incites and cheers them on.

Then the rest of us can move forward with maintaining a more equitable union.

If you can’t play nice in the sandbox you no longer get to play in the sandbox. You don’t get to hit the other children over the head and take their toys! That seems fair right?

There are rules! There have to be rules.

There are morally and ethically responsible ways to resolve our differences and they must be adhered to.

I cannot in good faith be unified with anyone who doesn’t respect and support the rules of our democracy.

So if the price for unity is being willing to overlook domestic terror and violence, then I will have to take a hard pass!




Hot winds howl and whip about

Parched trees sway frantically in the heat

It’s January, new normal?

Collectively we wait… breath held after the attack on our Capitol…for our newly elected leaders to be sworn in.

A majority of us fear all manner of mayhem might ensue before we can begin to exhale…

Even then we ponder what it will take to exorcise the cancer that has infected our nation.

A lesion we have attempted to cut out before has grown back seemingly more virulent. Clearly we did not get it all!

In fact, if we’re honest?

There are far too many among us who silently, secretly, fed the contagion insuring its survival.

I choose to be among those who will fight to contain and hopefully one day eradicate this disease of hatred from the country that I love.


Instagram Privacy Grab, Nothing to See Here

Last night I went to upload some new art photos to Instagram. We share all of our art on that platform which is now owned by Facebook. Normally I push the little + icon in the middle of the bottom of my screen and it takes me to my gallery to select a photo to edit and upload. Last night when I attempted to do that I was taken to a screen that said turn on Instagram camera? I didn’t want to take a photo, I just wanted to upload one that was already in my gallery. Here’s where it’s get dicey. It wouldn’t let me upload a photo without turning on their camera. I became very frustrated and eventually found another  + icon in a different location that took me to my gallery. It had been deliberately moved with no explanation in hopes I would just acquiesce and give the Instagram camera access. I was determined not to give them that access and should it become necessary I will delete my account. This morning when I was checking my email I saw an update to Instagram’s terms of use. I hate reading those updates. In my opinion it is just more ways they are fucking you, and it is. Unfortunately because it is a free service there is little you can do about it if you choose to continue to use the service. Given my difficulties last night I decided to go ahead and read the update. This is the email notification they sent.

Hi HeartElevations,

We wanted to let you know that we’re making a few updates to our Terms of Use to make them clearer. We’re making it easier to understand what is allowed on Instagram and how our service works. These terms will be effective on December 20, 2020, and continuing to use the app will mean you accept them.

This is the equivalent of nothing to see here just go about your business. We’re not adding new ways to spy on you in your home. They don’t really want you to read their terms of use let alone understand them. They have been forced to make them clearer due to lawsuits and privacy laws. Well, having read the update I now know why Instagram was trying to force me to use their camera. They record and store everything you are photographing, and that includes anything in the background. For instance when we are in our art studio creating art, we are often in unattractive art clothing, or sometimes even lack of clothing, and because we have mirrored closet doors sometimes when we take photos of our art you see things in the background that are later edited out before posting. Those things would be recorded and stored as you were taking them should you allow Instagram that access. I often edit out much of what is in the background because it’s private! It’s my home! They are trying to record you in your home. Sadly, many will not read the terms of use. Many will allow access to Instagram’s camera. Many will think, I’ll just be careful, but it’s not something we normally think about, and honestly, should not have to think about. Most will not realize what they have given up or what it could cost them. Even when it does cost them as it inevitably will, they will not put two and two together and figure out where the info that was used against them came from. It’s the perfect scam. Those who give in are the perfect patsies, and that’s what they are counting on. No one wants to pay for social media, and this is the cost. It isn’t free. You are the product they are selling. I have avoided paying for a website to display our arts and crafts, but that’s probably going to change, because social media has become far too invasive. Beware peeps. The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.