On Your Wedding Day

Give one another the most sacred place you can inside your hearts

Being each other’s safe space is how you make a perfect start

May you never speak words in anger that you neither can un-hear

Instead remember why you chose to hold each other dear

Remember a little laughter can heal all kinds of pain

When looking back, you’ll realize that’s what kept you sane

Eat a little humble pie, you don’t always have to win

This is how the war is won before the battle can begin

Remember you’re on the same team, you must keep a united front

Struggles will come and they will go, but together you’ll bear the brunt

Bravely love with your whole hearts, dare to hold nothing back

If you do this then come what may, there will be nothing you lack

Though this advice can’t promise you a union free from fuss & muss

We lovingly impart these words because this is what worked for us

©Dani Heart



Something’s coming…

I can feel it…

Like the ripples just below the surface of otherwise tranquil waters.

Something’s coming…

The wind whispers it’s warning with an eerie rustling to all who will listen.

Something’s coming…

As murders of crows gather with increasing frequency their caws deafening.

Something’s coming…

©Dani Heart