A Swinging Party

I want my pound of flesh!

I want the privileged wealthy who subverted our government for their own selfish gain to suffer the rule of law like the rest of us.

I never thought I would want to bear witness to the condemned receiving their demise…the images that conjures in my minds eye are macabre at best…

…but the attempted overthrow of our democracy has left me bitter, angry and hungry for a justice that has been far too long in coming.

©Dani Heart



Everything I predicted would happen has happened and worse…

Turns out I wasn’t overreacting to a narcissistic psychopath being elected to our highest office in 2016.

Women are under attack here in America!

Today the religious extremist majority on our supreme court (appointed by the narcissistic psychopath) ruled to overturn 50 years of settled law despite the public outcry and the overwhelming majority support for the law as it stood.

If their hell exists, I hope they burn!

A different kind of hell does exist, we’re living in it now, and it’s up to us to root out the evil within.

© Dani Heart