Seeds of Love

Soon we will be parting

And I have got the blues

My heart and mind are fighting

Oh which one will I choose

My heart tells me I love you

My mind says it’s too soon

Though the seed becomes the flower

It needs some time to bloom

Once the seed is planted

It will begin to sprout

Like the seed the love in my heart

Is growing without a doubt

But love seeds cost just pennies

And many are planted each year

Without the tending they need to grow

The sprouts will die it’s clear.

©Dani Heart


(For Ericka)

Bridges Across Time

A tangled web we weave

In fleeting moments of anger

We build what I call

Bridges across time

Endless efforts to secure

The very thing that we endanger

Leaves us breaking away

To keep our frame of mind

Fearing loss of independence

We’re quick to take a stand

Wounding ever fragile egos

One really must be kind

Suddenly it’s later

We’re walking hand in hand

Wandering through the years

Over bridges across time

©Dani Heart