Night Terrors

Suspended in darkness…

Tethered to that which I cannot see…

I call out to you…reach for you…

but there is no response.

Only laughter in the distance…and it

becomes cacophonous as I realize the

coiled tether in my hand has gone slack…

and I am floating away into nothingness.

©Dani Heart

August 20, 2022


Composure nearly eludes my grasp

as I enter the ballroom…

There are no words…

and speaking them would only lend credibility

to their authenticity if there were.

No… best we ignore what we cannot change anyway…

Gingerly I assume the proper stance, but your firm

hand on the curve of my back is more than I can bear…

and I begin to crumble.

With an unapologetic, admonishing expression

you lock my gaze and my grip.

Suddenly present in the moment,

my eyes meet yours with a fevered determination.

Flawless and fluid we execute our passion

to powerful instrumentals.

Whatever this is or isn’t,

if it has to be the last time,

what it will be is unforgettable.

Copyright 6/14/2011

Dani Heart