Cloudy With a Chance of Democracy Ending

Darkness falls early on this the eve of yet another contentious election in America…

The clouds loom heavy as the cold breeze whispers foreboding of a potentially ominous outcome…

Yet there are patches of pristine bright blue sky that echo the hope that remains in my heart…

My mind races with the kind of clarity that comes from a recent cleansing rain…

My insides churn and I shiver from the cold and brutal ugliness being screamed from pulpits and broadcast daily from media masquerading as news

This could be a beginning, or an end, or the beginning of the end of life as we have known it.

The rustling has quieted… the stillness and silence is deafening.

This night will be long…

The days ahead perilous…

Democracy is fragile we must vote like our lives depend on protecting it because they do.

©Dani Heart


Bridges Across Time

A tangled web we weave

In fleeting moments of anger

We build what I call

Bridges across time

Endless efforts to secure

The very thing that we endanger

Leaves us breaking away

To keep our frame of mind

Fearing loss of independence

We’re quick to take a stand

Wounding ever fragile egos

One really must be kind

Suddenly it’s later

We’re walking hand in hand

Wandering through the years

Over bridges across time

©Dani Heart