Death of a Broken Heart



In a long forgotten corner

through dark recesses

under cobweb cover


There beats a once cherished heart


Frayed at the edges

time ravaged and torn,

still it pulsates with love’s rhythm

and hope…


Abandoned by youth,

and cast out for pastures greener

with emotions heavy

It waits…


Cleaving to walls that offer no comfort,

in realization of rank relegation

It cries out…


Alone in the blackness,

will crushed by truths blow

It succumbs…


And in this long forgotten corner,

laying bloody, broken and defeated

a heart once cherished

beats no more…


copyright 6/5/2009

Dani Heart ♥



The skin opens…

bright red sustenance pools then runs…

and with it my sadness

the unbearable weight of despair temporarily lifted.

My heart aches, regrets moisten reddened cheeks.

An accidental tourist this path was never my intent.

Rational thoughts return as I tend and redress the

random wounds of klutziness.

Shame is now added to the somber emotions of a

blackened moment…

because I not only partook,

but I hopped that catharsis train like an

eager starving vagrant and rode it for all it was worth.

©Dani Heart 11/5/2013