Climate in Crisis

The afternoon sun lingers over a thirsty landscape after a recent rain…

A cleansing ritual normally receding with the promise of all things renewed…

Clear, clean, and refreshed after a nice long quenching drink the earth should sing with rejuvenation…

But there is SO much drought and SO much cracked earth that the liquid is merely a lifeline, it’s sustenance barely adequate.

I liken it to an IV that thwarts death but fails to restore true life.

My heart aches for this living ground we walk on.

Her survival is our survival, and we must act accordingly.

©Dani Heart


Out of the Ashes

There are no words to describe this level of brokenness…

No glue that could repair a shattering of this magnitude…


So we gingerly tuck away the debris in a sacred, secret, safe space… where it lays in wait for the elixir that when mixed with the remains transforms them into a force that can no longer be reckoned with.