Alive in ancient rhythms

Vocalizing sacred sounds and words

Mind, body, soul, and spirit connect.

Nature’s medicines are sprinkled, smoked,

anointed, consumed, or inhaled.

The portal opens, and the gift of

healing is well received.




Copyright Dani Heart



Colorado Blue



Is not a cool color setting on your favorite camera,

but maybe it should be…?

It’s the view that results from an unobstructed,

unpolluted path between you and what’s real.

It is more than a sharply focused panorama.

It’s the clarity of pure flowing water in the Rockies,

and air so clean it hurts a little to breathe it until

you adjust.


Maybe…it’s a state of mind?


But if it was a setting I would apply it to everything,

a cleaner, clearer, purer life.


I was warned about Colorado.

I’ve seen pictures that hinted at, but failed

to capture its majestic magnificence.

Now bitten, I’m smitten, surely to return time and again,

thanks to you, and Colorado Blue.


© Dani Heart  8/3/2016

(For Shane)




Nature’s Catwalk


The sun is softer today, it tries on clouds like a

little girl playing dress up in her mother’s closet.

The clouds blow at breezy wind’s discretion.

An invitation lingers in the air for those

who are listening?


Come and play…

Come and connect…

Come and take a stroll down nature’s catwalk.

Your world awaits.