Tiptoeing Through the Tulips


Every conversation with you is a test.

A tricky exam with multiple choice answers designed to trip up all but the savviest applicant.

Like an H.R. pro, your analysis hidden, and your poker voice perky and appropriate…

Your relationship hopeful never sees the ax coming until their severed head watches its body falling as it’s rolling across the floor.


©Dani Heart


Processing…Please Wait :)


I process things much slower than most people, feel emotions deeply, experience stimuli more acutely and with greater intensity. This makes life exceedingly difficult and amazingly awesome in equal measure.

It is challenging to explain to others what I am just getting a grasp on myself.

I didn’t always have the words.

In a world that requires multi-tasking, thinking on the fly, and quick appropriate replies, I have accepted that I must navigate it on a sort of conditioned response auto pilot.

But if I’m honest… sometimes I just wish I could hold up a sign that says

“Processing…Please Wait :)”






Nature’s Catwalk


The sun is softer today, it tries on clouds like a

little girl playing dress up in her mother’s closet.

The clouds blow at breezy wind’s discretion.

An invitation lingers in the air for those

who are listening?


Come and play…

Come and connect…

Come and take a stroll down nature’s catwalk.

Your world awaits.