Humidity, lush landscapes, and cool air forced through little vents occasionally remind me of you.   Insulated and isolated from the world outside in our rental car we proceeded with our mission. Brief interludes of camaraderie, when we were united against a common enemy, or a random life obstacle I recall fondly.  Moments when we were on the same team, team family, and had each other’s backs, or was it that I just had yours?  Did I mistake your uncommon lack of cruelty for kindness, acceptance, and love even? Did I?  The trouble is… I can’t be certain.


©Dani Heart



Things You Can’t Un-hear


Ire flared and words uttered like poison laced heat seeking missiles pierced her heart,

And she was never the same…

Never the same.


Now she knows that if push comes to shove she might quake all alone with a bitter cold biting at her back,

And it isn’t the same…

Isn’t the same.


She moves forward in love and gratitude with a little bit more fear… disagreements happen, people make up, life goes on…

But it’s not quite the same…

Not quite the same.


©Dani Heart





Cheers Team Tiny Peppers it’s Nano Poblano Day 9.  I have been on such a roll this year so far with Nano Poblano, but today I am so depressed I find myself without words. I couldn’t even write a senryu.  I’m worried for our country.  I’m worried for myself. I’m worried for my marriage, my rights (so hard fought for). I keep trying to find the silver lining, the sparkling glimmer of hope, but all is dark. I will try again tomorrow to create.  If I am unable I may have to bow out.  I am hurt to the core that our country could elect a Racist, misogynistic,  bigoted, sexist, hateful narcissist who brags about assaulting women; who incites violence and threatens to use his new power in oval to silence and seek retribution against his enemies.  So un-presidential. I keep seeing posts about uniting and moving forward. I cannot possibly respect or unite with anyone who would support a candidate such as Trump and everything he represents. I seriously messaged my manager this morning and told her I couldn’t come to work because I had been stricken with Trumpitis, that I had uncontrollable diarrhea and vomiting that could last 4-8 years.  I went in, but it was so hard to work today.  I don’t want to go tomorrow either, what’s the point if everything I am working for is going in the crapper?  Crestfallen 😦