On Your Wedding Day

Give one another the most sacred place you can inside your hearts

Being each other’s safe space is how you make a perfect start

May you never speak words in anger that you neither can un-hear

Instead remember why you chose to hold each other dear

Remember a little laughter can heal all kinds of pain

When looking back, you’ll realize that’s what kept you sane

Eat a little humble pie, you don’t always have to win

This is how the war is won before the battle can begin

Remember you’re on the same team, you must keep a united front

Struggles will come and they will go, but together you’ll bear the brunt

Bravely love with your whole hearts, dare to hold nothing back

If you do this then come what may, there will be nothing you lack

Though this advice can’t promise you a union free from fuss & muss

We lovingly impart these words because this is what worked for us

©Dani Heart


Close to You

Close to you was the hummingbird mama who uncharacteristically thought nothing of zooming into our home to no doubt make sure you understood about her nest and babies outside our back patio door.

Close to you was our red hen Bitchy who followed you everywhere you would let her in hopes that you would scoop her up into your arms and give her a good pat.

Close to you was Raider the wily wolf looking to snatch one of your belongings so he could lure you into play and claim more of your precious attention.

Close to you was our Maine Coon princess Scarletdreams sniffing in your essence, massaging your head, nestling sweetly against your legs where you made a safe spot for her to slumber uninterrupted.

Close to you is where I’ve been for 22 years now.

So long ago I saw what the animals saw…and basking in your sweet light is where I’ll always be…

Close to you.

©Dani Heart  12-18-22

(for Noelle)

Seeds of Love

Soon we will be parting

And I have got the blues

My heart and mind are fighting

Oh which one will I choose

My heart tells me I love you

My mind says it’s too soon

Though the seed becomes the flower

It needs some time to bloom

Once the seed is planted

It will begin to sprout

Like the seed the love in my heart

Is growing without a doubt

But love seeds cost just pennies

And many are planted each year

Without the tending they need to grow

The sprouts will die it’s clear.

©Dani Heart


(For Ericka)