Storms of Make Believe

A picnic in a rain storm

Was something we use to do

A little mommy and me time

That was just between us two

We’d hit up a local drive-thru

And get our favorite meal to go

Then race to our destination

So we could eat and enjoy the show

We would drive in slowly

Where the water was raining down

Then neon rainbow soap suds

Would be swooshing all around

It was easy to imagine

We were in a great big storm

Watching from inside our car

While keeping safe and warm

Then magically the sun came out

And the wind would blow us dry

We’d drive out looking good as new

Underneath a bright blue sky

How fondly I recall those days

Though dollars were few to spend

The simple sweet connectedness

Of us relishing pretend


Weekly Gratitude


img_5709Cheer Team tiny Peppers it’s Nano Poblano Day 14. Woooot tomorrow we are halfway through. Hang in there, you got this! I thought I might do weekly gratitude on Sunday, but I guess this last week really threw me into a whirlwind and got every thing off track.  It doesn’t really matter what day. The important thing is to always be grateful for the gifts in our lives. This could never be truer for me than right now. This election was a nail biter, and the result a shocker for many. Our country is divided, people are protesting.  Our future is uncertain and worrisome. There’s a lot of work to be done, and honestly I am not sure how to heal the divide. Just yesterday my wife and I were in Home Depot. We opted to wear our safety pins in a show of solidarity. A lady came up to us eyeing our pins, stared my wife up and down while I was talking with a clerk and exclaimed WOW! I didn’t think I would ever see someone wearing a pin in Simi Valley! We did not respond to her, we were in the middle of a transaction. I wish I had responded with Oh I’m sure there are lots of decent loving people in Simi Valley, but I remained silent until the lady walked away.  Wearing the pin is supposed to be a good thing? We even got nasty looks from others who noticed our pins.  How do you heal that? If people are that upset that you stand up with a symbol to say you aren’t racist, bigoted, homophobic, sexist, and they see fit to get verbal with you then what has the world come to?!. Ahem….anyway..gratitude….

1.  I’m grateful for my loving wife.  We just celebrated 16 years together.

2. I’m grateful that we’re legally married, and I hope that doesn’t go away.

3. I’m grateful for coffee. Love coffee. That will probably be on every week. lol

4. I’m grateful for my blokin, and for Nano Poblano.

5. I am grateful for all my journals. OMG I have so many journals and I write in so many of them at once. I love having multiple lovely places to write my heart out once I am able to articulate my feelings. LOVE.

6. I’m grateful for my kitties.  Petting them will melt all your cares away.

7. I’m grateful for bubbled water. Just pure water and fabulous effervescent bubbles. Joy.

8. I’m grateful for Marie Calender’s sugar free razzleberry pie. We are SO getting some of those for Thanksgiving.

9. I’m grateful for comfy beds and blankets and sweet sweet slumber. 🙂

10. I’m grateful for fans. Glorious wind. LOVE.


That’s it for today Cheerpeppers… see you all again tomorrow.


Weekly Gratitude


Cheer team Tiny Peppers it’s Nano Poblano Day 6.  I think I have decided that on Sundays I shall list the things I am grateful for from the previous week. I notice that many are doing daily themes. I don’t know that I will do every day, but a day for gratitude seemed fitting. 🙂 So in no particular order here goes…

  1. I am grateful for Sundays in the card studio making lots of fun cards in our jammies and not having to get dressed and wear a bra.
  2.  I am grateful that my fingernails are growing.  They had been cut quite short and finally I have a little bit of nails to scratch with.
  3.  I am grateful for some recent changes for the better in my life. Eliminating chemicals from our environment one product at a time.
  4.  I am grateful for the hour given back today that was taken so long ago now. I never got over it or adjusted. LOL
  5.  I am grateful for my sassy new haircut.
  6.  I am grateful that this insane election will be over on Tuesday.  Will be nice to get back to the business of loving and supporting one another.
  7.  I am grateful for coffee. OMG I love coffee.
  8.  Tonight more than recent nights…I am grateful for peaceful slumber.

What about you? What are you grateful for this week, month, year (almost over).  Crazy to think the year is almost over. With that my lovelies I shall see you again tomorrow.