Candles in the Darkness

And you….

Your words haunt me…

We’re so different and yet the same…

Human…connected by the intrusive,

Unwanted that’s beyond our control.

Your reflections reached into my heart

And it broke a little, bled a little, cried a little

Because I remember…

I remember…and

You are not alone


People flock to your kind and patient aura… like butterflies that flit around in the sun landing only in places where they feel safe and nourished.

People, animals…it’s just something about you.

You’ve long been that space for me.

From the moment I heard your voice there was comfort and recognition.

It took me a little time to process those feelings…

You were home! I was home!

Home will always be wherever I’m with you.

©Dani Heart


For Noelle