My Almost Weekend Coffee Share

Morning coffee in one of my favorite cups that Noelle painted for me

I say almost weekend because it’s Thursday, but I had to look that up. The days are flying by lately and I am having trouble keeping up.

If we were having coffee you might marvel at how I made something almost as good as Starbucks right here at home.  You might ask what I use, and I would proudly extol the virtues of Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend and real not artificial cream, and Stevia.  You’d ask about it being iced instead of hot, and I’d probably wax on about how it’s rarely cool enough in my neck of the woods to drink hot coffee. Which may or may not lead to an over share regarding menopause.

I’d ask you how life is treating you? What interesting things have you done for entertainment lately? I might talk about my job. How fun it is to be back in the restaurant industry after all these years.  I would say how happy I am to have a job where I am up and moving around, but might lament that some days I am pretty tired and sore after a busy shift.  I would say, regardless I wouldn’t trade it because it’s the good kind of tired and sore.

You might tell me your a Pepper too. Which would probably lead to frenzied conversation about why we signed up for this during one of the busiest months of the year.  Which would definitely lead right smack dab to our connection to one blog famous little Dino.  We’d laugh at how easily we succumbed to her enthusiastic persuasion.  We might exchange some inspirational blog post ideas to help each other get through.

We’d laugh and laugh about the craziness that is life.  We’d notice our watches and each in turn realize we had to get back to it. We’d hug, say our goodbyes. Promise to do this more often, and mean it, even though the goal is unrealistic.  Then walk away going over our mental lists of everything we needed to get back to. 🙂