Seeds of Love

Soon we will be parting

And I have got the blues

My heart and mind are fighting

Oh which one will I choose

My heart tells me I love you

My mind says it’s too soon

Though the seed becomes the flower

It needs some time to bloom

Once the seed is planted

It will begin to sprout

Like the seed the love in my heart

Is growing without a doubt

But love seeds cost just pennies

And many are planted each year

Without the tending they need to grow

The sprouts will die it’s clear.

©Dani Heart


(For Ericka)

Prep Time

photo credit: James Jordan via photopin cc
photo credit: James Jordan via photopin cc

Today I thought of you…

of precious moments in our now distant past.

With warm fuzzy fondness I recall…

two zombie like figures huddled in front of the heater,

you with your egg drink, and me with my iced coffee,

sometimes two blankets, sometimes one;

the sun commencing the hour oblivious to our objections.

I miss that sweet, simple and tender connection…

mother and child…

fifteen to thirty minutes of nurturing, bonding, cuddling,

before we had to be assaulted by our day.

(For Setsuna)

copyright Dani Heart  4/4/2013