Sleep Deprived!

awake 005

7:24 am. Fatigued brain stirs from restless slumber and sends Body message to get out of bed.

Body resists, until Fatigued brain sends another message via bladder more urgently.

Body defiantly drags herself from bed.

Fatigued brain makes an abysmal attempt to converse before massive intake of iced coffee….and fails epically.

Body on auto pilot sees wifey off to work.

Fatigued brain, seeking sustenance, convinces Body to climb the stairs to the craft studio.

Fatigued brain would like to remain here in silent reverence among the many awe inspiring recently created works of art.

Heart butts in after 20 minutes or so with a reminder of the hour and commitments.

Arriving at work just in time, again on auto pilot, Body clumsily attempts to grab the remaining work gear from the car;  Badge, secured straight on shirt with much difficulty, apron whose strings manage to latch on to whatever passes by them and hold on for dear life. Body struggles with apron strings and finally manages to tie the bow behind its back.  Body clips up hair with hair clip, (easiest part of the morning so far).

A quick glance in the car mirror reveals Fatigued brain forgot to tell Body to apply the powder foundation to hide Body’s blemishes.

Heart sinks knowing their imperfections will be reflected in the faces of the guests they seat today.

Fatigued brain smiles sympathetically at Heart, who is always in the right place, and unable to grasp why things don’t always go her way.

At the computer clock in Fatigued brain realizes Body has tied the apron on backwards and must redo it to access their employee card to clock in. Heart sighs…heavily.  At this point they all agree on the merits of having stayed in bed. Now finally clocked in and mostly put together, pressing matters await. Because that’s how it always is…right? When we are least ready for our day it comes at us full on. Heart cheers them on…We got this! Fatigued brain and Body aren’t so sure. At home Heart reminds Fatigued brain to avoid the food and beverages that got us into this mess. At bedtime they ask the universe for good sleep, natural healing, but most of all, the re-emergence of Super Sharp Focused brain, and all will right in their world.






Happy Croc-oween Crocettes!


Hi my name is Dani and I’m a Croc wearer…

My addiction started after a much needed bunion surgery.  I couldn’t resist the roomy cushy fit of these magnificent (dare I say shoes?).  Crocs offered me the support I needed without the pain of constraint, and the colors and styles….wowsers… I was like a kid in a candy store. Yipppee.  Unlike most addictions this is not one I wish to be rid of… that said… there is a decided downside to Crocs, and it’s called ridicule!  Seriously people laugh and make not subtle derogatory comments regarding Crocs all the time!  Here is just one example…. yeah it’s a pretty common one too.  I must confess that wearing Crocs has NOT stifled my sex life in the least!

Being the function over fashion girl that I am I have managed to take it all in stride, but there are occasions when I  (gasp!!!) worry about the appropriateness of Crocs. Okay not that often but sometimes. Luckily…. the makers of Crocs being the marketing geniuses that they are have made Crocs that don’t look like Crocs for just such occasions.  Croc addicts rejoice… now we can wear Crocs that look just like other shoes without giving up comfort for acceptance.

If you don’t believe me just follow this link and have a look see for yourself.,default,sc.html

If you would like to see my own private collection of Crocs you can visit an old post I did here…

and on days like today…Halloween…. we can just go balls out and totally ROCK!!!! our Crocs and socks!

Crocs n socks 001