Everything I predicted would happen has happened and worse…

Turns out I wasn’t overreacting to a narcissistic psychopath being elected to our highest office in 2016.

Women are under attack here in America!

Today the religious extremist majority on our supreme court (appointed by the narcissistic psychopath) ruled to overturn 50 years of settled law despite the public outcry and the overwhelming majority support for the law as it stood.

If their hell exists, I hope they burn!

A different kind of hell does exist, we’re living in it now, and it’s up to us to root out the evil within.

© Dani Heart




Hey You!!!

You with the sign,

and the C-4 in your pocket;

Your righteous indignation camouflaged

only by that Cheshire cat grin.

Before you exact your toll on me,

Sentence me to my plight…

Walk a mile in my shoes.

I am a crack baby, born with A.I.D.S.

I am poor, adopting parents object

to the color of my skin, and I cry a lot.

I am the shameful bastard child

that reminds you of your indiscretion.

I am born to parents who not only hate each other,

but also hate me, because their one night of pleasure

resulted in a lifelong taxation.

I am neglected, beaten, raped, and abused,

as I am left in the competent

hands of the foster care system.

Your tax dollars guarantee

I receive my share of suffering.

You seek to make your religion everybody’s law!

How could a loving God condone this kind of torment?

I wish for you a swift and final reckoning…

That your private hell begins

with living out all of the lives,

of those you sought to bring forth

into an unforgiving world

where they were…