I watched a stranger walk into your house today…

And though I knew it was coming, it was still so hauntingly surreal.

We spoke of retirement and your big move 6 months ago. Where has the time gone?

We watched you make the last minute repairs for your curb appeal, and when the sale sign went up we weren’t surprised.

We were, however, taken aback by how speedy the process was from start to finish. It seemed like only a couple weekends of visitors before the U-Haul arrived.

We watched you loading and arranging with every intention of popping over to say our good-byes, and express our gratitude and well wishes. But the day got away from us, as days often do, and suddenly you and the truck were gone.

Nearly two decades of comings and goings etched into our regular routine, done!

We weren’t close, but we had some nice conversations now and again. We could count on each other the way that good neighbors do.

Your successor has some pretty big shoes to fill albeit unbeknownst to him or her.

I guess we were in a little bit of denial, thinking there would simply be more time… until there wasn’t…

And now it’s too late to say good-bye.


©Dani Heart




The Ferry


Cheer Peppers it’s Nano Poblano Day 23. Things are getting a little crazy here in my neck of the woods. Today as I was going through my photos looking for inspiration I found this. This photo was taken from the back of the Bay Ferry.  Many take the ferry to and from the city (San Francisco) for work. I remember how peaceful it was and how calming the effect of the water and the views. I thought to myself as my work day drags me forth and assaults me with more than I am ready for, how nice it would be if taking the ferry was part of that morning ritual. Time to calm and rejuvenate before life’s madness ensues. I think I might be more ready for work if getting there involved sipping hot coffee and looking at this for 20-30 minutes. What about you, how do you prepare for your day? Today sweet slumber was ripped from my grasp, and time mocks me like a giggling cheeky little child that I chase but cannot catch. See you all again tomorrow team tiny peppers. 🙂

Allotted Intervals

Dani's Hour Glass
Dani’s Hour Glass

Allotted Intervals


And death mocked me

in my presumed final moments…

Eternal peace taunted me

as it slipped through my grasp.


I watch the sands fall

in the hour glass…


Clarity returns

along with reality.

Our time is limited;

it will end.


and there is too much

left to do

to give up now.


Copyright 1/15/2014

Dani Heart