Ignorance’s Toll

Alcohol photos 008

On a two lane rural mountain road

in a car that was compact

great grandpa smiles at my mom

who is seated with me in back.


A child mother at fifteen

cradles baby girl four months old

unaware of the coming danger

a few miles down the road.


In the south it is commonplace

to drink and then to drive

seat belts and infant seats

were laws not yet obliged.


Blissful ignorance is the message

great grandma chooses to send

fate would prove a cruel teacher

just around that next big bend.


The wet pavement curved sharply

but the car slid and went straight

great grandmother intoxicated

could not compensate.


Pandemonium ensued when

over the cliff we did drop

on a hillside in tree branches

we came to a sudden stop.


My tiny head was jarred

and my brain swollen within

“Traumatic Brain Injury”

not common way back then.


We all suffered injuries for

the choice great grandma made

but no one’s toll was higher

than the one that I have paid.


Every day I wake and

while I am happy to be alive

I live with a brain that’s damaged

because she chose to drink and drive.


Dance Club Shopping at its Finest

Lately I have noticed a trend at shopping malls and outlet malls and it isn’t one I like.  Most of the smaller stores you go into these days have the music up very loud. It feels, perhaps intentional, like a dance club.  Or at least how dance clubs use to feel. Now if you go to a dance club or the movies you will likely go deaf.  It’s upsetting on so many levels.  I think it is very unhealthy, and for many like myself unpleasant, but also I think it isn’t good from a security stand point unless of course you have someone in a massive camera room in the back like in the casinos, which most small stores do not.  So I am left to wonder, what is their goal in doing this?  At first I thought maybe it was just a younger vibe, younger people, but managers set stuff like this and it isn’t just younger demographic shops that are doing it.  So what is the goal?  I personally find it disorienting.  Instead of wanting to spend time shopping and spend more money I can’t wait to get out or forego it altogether in some cases. It makes online shopping seem like the perfect alternative. It would seem that background music is a thing of the past.  So is the goal to drive everyone to online shopping? Is the goal that only young people get to enjoy going to a shop? I can’t imagine a shop owner would seek to disenfranchise any of it’s demographic, or intentionally harm any of it’s customers.  I personally think that there are a lot more like myself that are uncomfortable with it but just don’t say anything.  So what about you? Have you noticed this trend? Do you like it, or not like it? What do you think the goal of doing it is?

Here are some links about popular activities that are harmful for our hearing.  I personally feel that shopping might be becoming one of them. So some quick research says that stores are intentionally damaging our hearing because it makes many of us spend money. Wow! I should have known it had to do with their bottom lines. Just wow!



For Now


For Now…

Lil sister spins round in circles

oblivious to her public surroundings.

She is alive in the moment

embracing all that she perceives with open arms.

For now,  she revels in her innocence.

Her sweet little light radiates and it is infectious.

She is completely unaware of the dangers

that await her growing up as a commodity

in a world wrought with exploitation ,

gender inequality and  isms innumerable.

For now,  big sister watches, directs, and looks out for

little sister… she is safe and protected in the womb of family…

For now…



Dani Heart