A Rhino of Many Colors


I am a Rhino not meant to follow, but

to blaze a trail of my own choosing.


I am meant to live in the now fully embracing

and cherishing all that life has to offer, giving

all that I am to the relationships and experiences

that come my way.


I was never meant to blend… my unique pigments

have seen to that, but I have learned well the value

of standing out, and standing up for the things

that matter most.


Being seen may encourage others to be bold

and stand up too?!


I have no use for the dogmas and dictates of

unproven mythical deities.  I’ll leave that to

the sheep.


Nor am I a shepherd. It would be nice if

people could think for themselves.


I choose a life of free examination of

data and facts.


I am a Rhino loving with my whole heart untamed,

living wild and free.