21 Things that passionately inspire me (love can’t possibly be irrational.. giggles

I must confess that I could not wait to do this part of blog prompt.  We will see if I can stop at 21.

1. Wind. All wind really.. even crazy wind, but my hands down favorite is a light rustling breeze.  The kind that sweeps the leaves into a circle, or a  sudden sweeping motion as if they all suddenly got up and decided to move at the same time, when you are walking down a street.  Whispering, Playful, whimsical, soul inspiring wind.

2. Genuine displays of affection between people in love. Not making out in public, groping, in heat behavior! I’m talking about a soft touch of the cheek, holding hands, a sneaky sniff because they can’t help themselves, a caress of the shoulder.  We’ve all seen it. It’s  the little things that signify the big truly deep emotions. The little gestures that make us go “I want that” “I want what they have”.  This past weekend I went to a blogger mini  meet-up.  I met the lovely Rarasaur and her husband Grayson. It is beyond sweet the way they hold hands and anyone who is looking can tell they are truly in love. Very inspirational. I am lucky enough to have that kind of love in my life, and it makes me so happy when I see that others have it too.

3. Color. Bright vivid color. My favorite color is purple, then green, then orange, then yellow, but I love all colors and lately I have been quite passionate about orange.  🙂


4.  Colorful housewares, gadgets, particularly kitchen stuff (utensils), but all housewares really.


5.  Rainbows (See #4) LOL Seriously though, who doesn’t smile even just a little when they see a rainbow. 🙂

6.  The smell and taste of Coffee. Love love love Coffee!


7.  Straws that don’t bend, but are just the right length. 🙂

8.  The moon when it is so bright that you don’t need any other light to see.

Jeremy's birthday 018

9.  Sunsets. I don’t think this one needs any explaining.

Sun going down on us
Sun going down on us

10.  Sunroofs.  I always thought them impractical until I had one at age 39, now I won’t get a car without one.  I love to drive (especially at night when it is cold) with the sun roof open and the heat on full blast at my feet.

11.  Crocs. Off the chart comfort in every fabulous color you can imagine.


12.  Bodies of water, especially flowing bodies of water.  Everything about them, the smell, the sound, the feeling of river current on your feet, waterfalls falling over you.  Rivers are my favorite, but oceans are pretty awesome too.


13.  Campfire.  Magic happens at campfire.


14.  Trees.

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15.  Organization, and tools that facilitate organization.  A place for everything and everything in it’s place.

16.  Photography. The art of capturing life’s magic.

17.  Books, libraries, the world at our fingertips.

18.  Buffalos


19.  Golden Eagles

20.  Flowers


21.  Movies

22. Chershire Cats, well cats in general really, but especially the fictional Cheshire Cat, so wish he was real. 🙂