Biological Warfare


I linger listening to your labored breathing…

Slumber has lured you into battle…

Helplessly you fall as your body begins to fight.

Fever rages against the invading, uninvited guest.

Illness (smirking) recoils slightly but is persistent

and has brought back up.

For three days I monitor the carnage closely

watching for signs that we may need to call in reinforcements.

I tend to your soldiers every need so that they might prevail on your behalf.

and I wait……………

and wait………………

Your immuno army finally pulls off a blitzkrieg, but

it comes without all of the fanfare one might expect.

In war there are often those who choose to disobey

the rules of engagement, hanging on till the bitter end

where they get picked off one by one.

Though these crusades are common and we emerge

victorious most of the time…

Whenever we’re drawn into combat, there is always a chance,

however small, that we may not win.

Copyright Dani Heart