For Those Who Qualify

I was asked to write two apartment ads as part of a project. One is for an apt. in heaven and the other is for an apt in hell.  I found the idea captivating and this is what I came up with.

For Those Who Qualify


1, 2, and 3 bedroom apts for rent.
All inclusive packages for those who
qualify. Harmonious group activities will
make you feel right at home.
Amenities include Panoramic
views of priceless majesty,with
gold inlay fully upgraded interiors and
flowing fountainous waters throughout.
For a private tour follow the bright light
until you reach the pearlized gate at
1700 Hallelujah Blvd.
and ask for Gabi Ri-elle



For rent:  Spacious 2+1 fully furnished luxury apt

located in the infamous subterranean inferno towers.

Amenities include onsite sauna, steam room, jacquzzi,

Heated floors, huge fire pits for roasting with your friends.

Eternity leasing available without request.  For more info or

To arrange a tour simply go to the corner of Blaze and Glory, take the

Subway entrance to the red elevator and tell the attendant you are to

meet with Louis Cipher.  No phone calls please, seeing is believing.


If you had today’s winning lottery numbers how would your life be different?


Yesterday while running my errands I did something I don’t normally do… I bought some lotto tickets.  My general feeling is that it’s a waste of money because most of the time it is, but there is always the chance of that one time it’s not.  Hence, yesterday at least… I bought into the dream. The jackpot is/was 140 million.  My wife just checked the winning numbers and like so many other times crumpled up the ticket and threw it away.  I also purchased a ticket for today’s lotto. I think she just said we have 10 hours or so to go.  I was sitting here thinking to myself… how would our lives be different if we actually won?

I suppose there are the obvious answers…. you would get rid of any debt.  Anyway… for a minute here… I am going to allow myself to dream… and take all of you along with me in my fantasy. 🙂

Firstly, once we knew for sure it was guaranteed Noelle would quit her job after having given proper notice and training a replacement cause that’s the kind of woman she is.  Second… we would start traveling and looking for places that we might want to live.  I don’t think we would sell our house. I think we would just pay it off and let our youngest live in it.  I think for the most part other than traveling and finding the place we truly would like to live that my life wouldn’t change all that much.  I ponder here for a moment what that means… it means I am pretty happy with my life for one.  I think we would do some things for some of our family that are deserving, and possibly some friends too.  I have no idea where I would live if we could live anywhere, and it is after all a WE decision. I know that once we settled… Noelle would want to dedicate her life to animals because that is her passion.  I would continue to write no matter where I am because that is my passion.  I might write a lot more in beautiful locales with zero stress, might even actually finish my novel, not that I would need the money it might garner.  We might hire a chef, and we would definitely have a housekeeper. We would have holidays in amazing places and pay for our family to join us.  Lastly, but not least, once we had ourselves, and our family and friends secured, I am sure we would look for worthy places that our dollars could make a difference in the world.  If money were no object I could give of myself and my time and embrace my inner activist, which in turn would give me more to write about.

What about you? If you won the lotto today how would your life change.  What would you do?


Slumber whispers like a lover I cannot help but slip into…

sweet…dreamy…euphoria….a soft all encompassing bliss.

There you are waiting…and together we slay DRAGONS…ie big selfish greedy corporations!

We give to those who create with passion good things for all to enjoy.

We envision a world all would love to live in, and in my dreams we make real our desires.

Sadly… I must always wake.



Dani Heart