Great Periods of Unrest

Like debris caught between

two cogs of a wheel…

waiting, feeling the pressure,

and the grinding, as pieces of

you slip away in your feeble

attempts to hold on


not knowing if life’s machine

will erode you down to nothing?

Or snap you in two and fling you

to freedom… broken…

but grateful for the chance

to mend and do it all again.


Perhaps the truest test

of our character is how we

survive these great periods

of unrest?


Copyright 11/2013

Dani Heart

Into the Fire


Into the Fire


I know why people are apathetic…

because the pain of helplessness

and futility is simply too much to bear.

better to navigate this plain in an

altered state until we can make what

ever kind of exit is possible.

Caring would require doing the hard work…

facing challenges…being committed….

and getting your heart broken when you

have to witness inhumanity.

I will choose the forging (every time!)

and I will emerge a sword.. for justice!

copyright  1/3/2013

Dani Heart