Hot winds howl and whip about

Parched trees sway frantically in the heat

It’s January, new normal?

Collectively we wait… breath held after the attack on our Capitol…for our newly elected leaders to be sworn in.

A majority of us fear all manner of mayhem might ensue before we can begin to exhale…

Even then we ponder what it will take to exorcise the cancer that has infected our nation.

A lesion we have attempted to cut out before has grown back seemingly more virulent. Clearly we did not get it all!

In fact, if we’re honest?

There are far too many among us who silently, secretly, fed the contagion insuring its survival.

I choose to be among those who will fight to contain and hopefully one day eradicate this disease of hatred from the country that I love.




Hey You!!!

You with the sign,

and the C-4 in your pocket;

Your righteous indignation camouflaged

only by that Cheshire cat grin.

Before you exact your toll on me,

Sentence me to my plight…

Walk a mile in my shoes.

I am a crack baby, born with A.I.D.S.

I am poor, adopting parents object

to the color of my skin, and I cry a lot.

I am the shameful bastard child

that reminds you of your indiscretion.

I am born to parents who not only hate each other,

but also hate me, because their one night of pleasure

resulted in a lifelong taxation.

I am neglected, beaten, raped, and abused,

as I am left in the competent

hands of the foster care system.

Your tax dollars guarantee

I receive my share of suffering.

You seek to make your religion everybody’s law!

How could a loving God condone this kind of torment?

I wish for you a swift and final reckoning…

That your private hell begins

with living out all of the lives,

of those you sought to bring forth

into an unforgiving world

where they were…