Memories of Hate

rainbow 001

Flouncing by the fountain
In a dress of pastel hues
I saw a girl with cocoa skin
And so I frolicked too

In an Alabama shopping mall
This girl and I did play
I was only nine years old
And my home was far away

My grandmother was browsing
In a store that was nearby
We ran around the waterfall
And laughed until we cried

I really had no idea
How soon my fun would end
When grandma saw us playing
She was quick to apprehend

She grabbed my arm and spoke to me
In a voice I’d never heard
Hissed we don’t play with negro children
I found her quite absurd!

Perhaps my quest began that day
And the message I would send
To teach all children rainbow love
And that racism should end

Copyright 1/12/2008
Dani Heart ♥