Cheers Team Tiny Peppers it’s Nano Poblano Day 9.  I have been on such a roll this year so far with Nano Poblano, but today I am so depressed I find myself without words. I couldn’t even write a senryu.  I’m worried for our country.  I’m worried for myself. I’m worried for my marriage, my rights (so hard fought for). I keep trying to find the silver lining, the sparkling glimmer of hope, but all is dark. I will try again tomorrow to create.  If I am unable I may have to bow out.  I am hurt to the core that our country could elect a Racist, misogynistic,  bigoted, sexist, hateful narcissist who brags about assaulting women; who incites violence and threatens to use his new power in oval to silence and seek retribution against his enemies.  So un-presidential. I keep seeing posts about uniting and moving forward. I cannot possibly respect or unite with anyone who would support a candidate such as Trump and everything he represents. I seriously messaged my manager this morning and told her I couldn’t come to work because I had been stricken with Trumpitis, that I had uncontrollable diarrhea and vomiting that could last 4-8 years.  I went in, but it was so hard to work today.  I don’t want to go tomorrow either, what’s the point if everything I am working for is going in the crapper?  Crestfallen 😦