The Crack food habit worth giving up.

The Spicy McChicken sandwich from McDonalds

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Another camping weekend has come and gone.  We have our routine pretty much down but this time I think we were a little out of our normal sync.  At least I know I was. I just couldn’t seem to stay focused on getting ready.  2014 has been a busy and wonderful year so far with lots of happenings to keep my brain multi-tasking, which clearly, I do not do well.  My wife took it easy on me and slowed down, just a little bit, the fevered excited pace that she throws herself into when getting ready.  I kid you not, my wife is very serious about camping.  Still everything went according to plan, but due to the fact that we took our time heading out..we now had less time to eat before starting our adventure.

Enter bright idea… giggles. We said lets just hit a drive through on our way out. We haven’t done that in ages. It will be a treat.  We debated a few choices and settled on McDonalds due to the ample parking area behind where we could put the trailer while we got our fix.  Did I say fix? Why yes I did… and I meant it.  McDonalds food is like crack, not that I know what that’s like of course, but I can well imagine.  Pictured above is my favorite treat/fix from McDonalds. I like heat, and the Spicy McChicken sandwich was just the ticket.  Noelle opted for a Big Mac, and we both splurged and got fries.  I used to love McDonalds fries.  Sadly the fries did not taste how either of us had remembered.  Maybe it’s because we eat more healthy these days, but geesh.  We gobbled them down anyway, can’t waste hot fries.  So we’re driving down the road now…stuffing our faces with yummy go food, and we’re feeling pretty good, the food/drug is working.  We are UP and happy, and chatting excitedly as we make our way to our favorite camping spot about an hour away.  Here’s where it gets ugly…

Have you ever listened to a cassette recorder when the battery is dying…the music slows and becomes garbled…until it stops… if you haven’t… trust me when I tell you it’s a most disconcerting sound.

As the effects of the crack/food wore off..we started crashing hard.  We managed to find our space and get the trailer leveled pretty easily despite our post food stupor, but once we needed to start physically exerting ourselves  with the set up… it was over!  Our set-up usually takes us about 30-40 minutes total.  I don’t even know how long it took us. Every time I carried a bag into the trailer I felt my body cry with fatigue.  Each little physical exertion indicated that a rest period should follow.  Normally we fly through this, no breaks, no slow downs, wham bamm, we’re up and ready.  OMFG!!!  were we dragging!  Note to selves: We will not be doing that again…ever!!!!!

I guess the moral of this story is… it truly does matter what we eat.  When we need our bodies to work we need to provide them with the proper fuel. Neither of us could ever recall there being such an obvious correlation between what we ate and how our bodies performed.  To me, that’s telling.  Fast food is a rarity for us anyway, but now we will be even more mindful.



Hey You!!!

You with the sign,

and the C-4 in your pocket;

Your righteous indignation camouflaged

only by that Cheshire cat grin.

Before you exact your toll on me,

Sentence me to my plight…

Walk a mile in my shoes.

I am a crack baby, born with A.I.D.S.

I am poor, adopting parents object

to the color of my skin, and I cry a lot.

I am the shameful bastard child

that reminds you of your indiscretion.

I am born to parents who not only hate each other,

but also hate me, because their one night of pleasure

resulted in a lifelong taxation.

I am neglected, beaten, raped, and abused,

as I am left in the competent

hands of the foster care system.

Your tax dollars guarantee

I receive my share of suffering.

You seek to make your religion everybody’s law!

How could a loving God condone this kind of torment?

I wish for you a swift and final reckoning…

That your private hell begins

with living out all of the lives,

of those you sought to bring forth

into an unforgiving world

where they were…