Cheer Team Tiny Peppers It’s Nano Poblano Day 17. I have decided to share a couple of my favorite photos with you. I love bodies of water and waves are very very cool things to see in action. I love trying to photograph the curl and seeing the light coming through it. Mesmerizing, oh and the sound of waves crashing will lull most of us into peaceful slumber. This was an ordinary day at the beach in Ventura, but the photographs turned out fabulous and every time I see them they remind me of a moment we stopped to capture.  We typically take at least one camera with us wherever we go, and sometimes we take all the cameras, cause well it’s just sometimes what you do. 😉  I love these two photos in particular so much that they will most likely end up on canvas. They have already ended up in a series of our photo art note cards.


We’re on the downhill now Cheerpeppers We got this! See you all again tomorrow.

Weekly Gratitude


Cheer team Tiny Peppers it’s Nano Poblano Day 6.  I think I have decided that on Sundays I shall list the things I am grateful for from the previous week. I notice that many are doing daily themes. I don’t know that I will do every day, but a day for gratitude seemed fitting. 🙂 So in no particular order here goes…

  1. I am grateful for Sundays in the card studio making lots of fun cards in our jammies and not having to get dressed and wear a bra.
  2.  I am grateful that my fingernails are growing.  They had been cut quite short and finally I have a little bit of nails to scratch with.
  3.  I am grateful for some recent changes for the better in my life. Eliminating chemicals from our environment one product at a time.
  4.  I am grateful for the hour given back today that was taken so long ago now. I never got over it or adjusted. LOL
  5.  I am grateful for my sassy new haircut.
  6.  I am grateful that this insane election will be over on Tuesday.  Will be nice to get back to the business of loving and supporting one another.
  7.  I am grateful for coffee. OMG I love coffee.
  8.  Tonight more than recent nights…I am grateful for peaceful slumber.

What about you? What are you grateful for this week, month, year (almost over).  Crazy to think the year is almost over. With that my lovelies I shall see you again tomorrow.


I’m Doing This Again



For the last 2 years I have participated in Nano Poblano which is Rarasaurs version of NabloPomo short for National Blog Posting Month. Each of the previous years I would get to the end and say I’m not doing this again. Giggles. Well here I am, day 1 doing this again. LOL Maybe it’s to be part of something bigger, maybe it’s to challenge myself, maybe it’s to connect with other bloggers and make new bloggy friends, maybe it’s because who can say no to Rarasaur? Maybe it’s……. the list goes on and on. Probably it’s all of the above. Each year I contemplate whether or not I am up to the insane pressure of finding words when I seem to have none, and each year so far I have taken up the task.  I hate the pressure, but I love the interaction. I love making new blog friends and finding new amazing content to follow.  I love when people whose blogs I love agree to do it because then I know there will be awesome blog posts to look forward to.  I love the camaraderie.  I love the blogging community.  So thank you to all of the CheerPeppers team for taking this on. I look forward to reading, writing, and interacting with you all.  Day 1 done. Cheers Peppers!