The Art of Subtlety


And so you went gray…

the same way you do everything, slowly,

subtly so as not to arouse suspicion, or

raise any red flags that may alert those

who might try to dissuade you.

I would do well to master this art form

you have perfected.

With one eyebrow raised you go around,

over, under, and often even through

without being detected.

Your enemies (few) never see you coming.

and somehow, though it may take much

longer than I am usually willing to wait,

you most often get what it is you desire

without ruffling too many (if any) feathers.


A Grand Awakening


A  Grand  Awakening


The sun sets on the Canyon’s fire…

A sacred space…

with a past as colorful as it’s rocks

to which no photo has ever done justice.

Barefoot impressions in the sand remind us

of those who once flourished here.

The wind transports me as it

makes its way throughout, defining crevices,

and speaking volumes to all who will listen.

Hidden chasms possess breathtaking waterfalls,

with clues to an existence long ago past.

Night falls in the Canyon…

While I nestle snuggly into the softest of shorelines

enveloped by a blanket of stars above…

The river lulls me as it dances in the darkness.

Drifting now… I think to myself…

This is truly a wonder all  should behold.

Copyright  Dani Heart 6/13/13

234We recently took a trip rafting in the Grand Canyon.  If you haven’t done this… I highly suggest you add it to your bucket list.  It was amazing.  For those of you who are interested I am also posting the link here to the photo book of our trip.  It is free to view in it’s entirety.  Enjoy.