The Ferry


Cheer Peppers it’s Nano Poblano Day 23. Things are getting a little crazy here in my neck of the woods. Today as I was going through my photos looking for inspiration I found this. This photo was taken from the back of the Bay Ferry.  Many take the ferry to and from the city (San Francisco) for work. I remember how peaceful it was and how calming the effect of the water and the views. I thought to myself as my work day drags me forth and assaults me with more than I am ready for, how nice it would be if taking the ferry was part of that morning ritual. Time to calm and rejuvenate before life’s madness ensues. I think I might be more ready for work if getting there involved sipping hot coffee and looking at this for 20-30 minutes. What about you, how do you prepare for your day? Today sweet slumber was ripped from my grasp, and time mocks me like a giggling cheeky little child that I chase but cannot catch. See you all again tomorrow team tiny peppers. 🙂

Sex in The Pan


Cheerpeppers it’s Nano Poblano Day 22 I think we are officially in the home stretched. We definitely got this! Today’s photo prompt is…omg goodness. This is sugar free, gluten free, Sex in The Pan.  With Thanksgiving literally right around the corner I thought this would be something fun to share.  It’s made up of cream cheese, pudding, whipped cream and nuts. Pretty decadent for a sugar free desert. There are many recipes with this title of varying degrees of difficulty. Any recipe can be modified and that’s what we did for this dessert. What is your favorite Thanksgiving or any day desserts?  I have others but this ranks up there with the best of them. 🙂


The Great American Lettuce Wrap


Cheerpeppers it’s Nano Poblano Day 21. I’m dong another photo prompt. I am not sure exactly when the lettuce wrap/protein style started I only know how happy I am that so many restaurants adopted it. When you are trying to avoid carbs and gluten and you find yourself needing or wanting to eat out the temptations are endless. This is The Habits double Char lettuce wrap. I have to say it’s so good you won’t even feel cheated. The only downside is …it’s quite messy. Ah well….there’s worse things. 🙂 See you all again tomorrow.