In a moment of vulnerability, you ventured where you knew you were unwelcome…

Her discomfort for your pleasure was a trade you were willing to make…

You malign her now… decades later …because it no longer serves your interests to tell the truth.

She’s gone! It was the last in a long line of trespasses you would make against her…

The one betrayal she could not bring herself to forgive.

Free from the ugliness she’s moved on to happiness and you can’t stand it!

So even now… after all these years…you’re still sprinkling your poison wherever you think it might take seed.

But it changes nothing…She’s still gone and living her best life without you in it.

Your behavior was and always will be what was unforgivable.

©Dani Heart


2 thoughts on “Trespass

  1. Cindy Ann Gural

    Wow! I don’t know if this was meant for someone but the words are very serious, strong, to the point and heart felt. It is also a very sad poem but I love it.

    Liked by 1 person

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