A Swinging Party

I want my pound of flesh!

I want the privileged wealthy who subverted our government for their own selfish gain to suffer the rule of law like the rest of us.

I never thought I would want to bear witness to the condemned receiving their demise…the images that conjures in my minds eye are macabre at best…

…but the attempted overthrow of our democracy has left me bitter, angry and hungry for a justice that has been far too long in coming.

©Dani Heart


7 thoughts on “A Swinging Party

  1. Cindy Gural

    Very very powerful words. It makes my stomach turn. All we can do is hope justice is served and those who deserve to be punished will be. I hate these commercials that still call him president.

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  2. Melody J Haislip

    Dani, I understand your anger and your thirst for justice, but be careful what you’re putting out there into the Universe, because it could boomerang on you. Remember, “The mills of the gods grind slow but they grind exceeding small.”

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    1. Sweet Melody, I agree if I were maliciously wishing harm, but wanting those who have harmed the rest of us to see justice I don’t think is the same thing. If I’m wishing for people to get what they deserve and getting what I deserve comes back to me, that wouldn’t be bad as long as I am behaving myself and I am. The punishment for treason, especially overthrowing our democracy is death. I know they won’t get that punishment, even though I believe thats what some deserve. I’m just saying I wouldn’t be sad if they did. I get what you’re saying though, and I do try to be mindful. 🙂


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