Our Democracy in Peril

I’m listening to the sweet sound of Rob Lowes voice recalling with fondness his time on the hit tv show The West Wing. (Gotta love Audible) As he talks about the spectacular writing and the talented people involved, I feel the tears welling…it was an amazing show. I miss it, but more importantly, I miss what it represented.

For the first time on network television, we got to see up close the inner workings of a democratic presidential administration in the white house. I fell in love with how our democracy is supposed to work and all the people who labor tirelessly (staffers and politicians alike, often without due credit, to make that a reality.

Through the years democratic norms have been respected by both parties holding the highest office in the land.

Who knew…how far we would fall and how dramatically this would all change…?

Fast forward…it is June 9, 2022.  A year and half ago on January 6, 2021, a radicalized portion of the republican party attempted to overthrow our democracy and stop the peaceful transfer of power by halting the certification of a newly elected democratic president. People died, as the angry blood thirsty mob of the former president’s supporters stormed the capitol! The January 6th committee was comprised of members of Congress, including 2 republicans, to investigate and hold accountable those responsible for the organization of the attempted coup. Shockingly, this includes members of our legislature (still serving), and worse…a former sitting president. The first of the televised hearings airs tonight and will lay bare the findings for all the world to see.

This is not the America I grew up in. It is not the America I want to live in, and yet here we are.

If we’re lucky those on the fence will watch and be swayed and it will be reflected in their votes. The cult followers of the former president won’t watch because they don’t want to be confronted with anything that challenges what they already believe.  The propaganda machine that is (Fox Media) incites them with lies and misinformation. They’re filled with hatred, frothing with ire and coming for the rest of us. This is evidenced by the rise in incidents of domestic terror.

Would that the guilty be charged, convicted, removed and barred from ever holding public office again.  That is what I am hoping for. We’re counting on the rule of law at this point because far too many people have lost their damn minds.

Whether or not we can save our democracy remains to be seen… and the world is watching…

4 thoughts on “Our Democracy in Peril

  1. Cindy Gural

    Every word felt and written is so right on point. I wish you could publish this. I was sick to my stomach watching that video. We are in trouble and it seems we can’t do a damn thing about it.

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  2. I truly hope sweet Cindy that the guilty will continue to be charged, prsecuted and convicted. I think shock jock pundits are just as guilty for spreading the lie when they knew better and probably had some idea what their words could do. They should also do time. Freedom of speech lets you say anything you want, but if your words cause harm you’re still responsible for spewing them most especially when you know they are false. This may come in the form of lawsuits but considering what happened I don’t feel thats enough. I so appreciate you.


  3. Melody J Haislip

    I agree with every single word. 47 years ago we celebrated 200 years of democracy, and I remember reading an article somewhere that said most forms of government last an average of 200 years. And here, as you say, we are. I loved and admired The West Wing, too, democracy at its finest. Madam Secretary is another excellent show. What further upsets me about all of this is that January 6th is my birthday and my son’s!!! I’m praying that our form of government can be saved, and that somehow the deep fractures in the hearts of our citizens can be healed. Really most excellent piece, Dani!

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    1. Oh I’m so sorry sweet Melody, that really does put a damper on your yearly celebrations I’m sure. I have read similar articles about the length of time goverments last. Our founding fathers were brilliant in their time. They just couldn’t see this far into the future or likely fathom what exists today. I’m sure they did not surmise the 1st amendment would be used to justify blatant falsehoods being spread by outlets claiming to be news sites and the subsequent consequences that would ensue.

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