Farewell to Esmee

Farewell to Esmee              April 23, 2022

Dear ______ & ______,

Thank you for buying our trailer. You seem like very nice people, and I know how much you wanted her. We wish you all the joy and great fun that we have had while owning her.

     I must apologize for my unwillingness to store her for any more time than necessary. You see, we didn’t want to sell our trailer. She was perfect for us in every way. We, like many others, are victims of a greedy city bureaucracy that was going to force us to either pay to store her while still making payments on her or spend upwards of 3 thousand dollars to modify our home so we could store her on the opposite side of our property. So, we decided selling her was the most sensible option under the circumstances and given our lack of recent use. That said, it was still heartbreaking.

     The only thing harder than seeing her parked in her usual spot while knowing she no longer belonged to us was looking at the vacant space she once occupied after you drove away.

     Yesterday we received a letter from the city saying they are pausing the enforcement of their off-street parking policy and will revisit it at a later date, no doubt due to the angry public backlash. Perhaps we were too quick to comply? None of this is meant in any way to make you feel bad. Ultimately, we still feel the right decision was made in the long run. I just wanted you to understand my hesitancy earlier regarding the pickup date. We wish you all the camping happiness your hearts can stand. Take good care of our baby… your baby now.


The Hearts

12 thoughts on “Farewell to Esmee

  1. Sorry you had to sell your trailer … We’ve been looking into the service that rents and sets up the trailers for you, but haven’t found one that does it for our favorite camping spot yet. Fingers crossed for us. And I hope you will go on future adventures without your trailer too.

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  2. cherduncombe

    I’m so sorry you had to go through this, Dani. The world is so callous these days. Love the time you had and cherish each other. ❤️


  3. Cindy Gural

    I’m so sorry you had to sell your baby and the reason why. You are probably right about the complaints. Sad you didn’t know sooner about the push out so that you could have enjoyed her a little longer. She will miss you too!

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