What Freedom Means

You wrap yourselves in our flag and call yourselves patriots…but that flag belongs to all of us…not just to you and your radicalized terrorist brethren.

And it was never meant to represent what you’ve appropriated it to symbolize.

Our flag symbolizes a free and democratic republic.

I cringe now whenever I see our flag because I know that most likely those that fly it align themselves with the republican treasonous cult that attempted to over throw our democracy.

Patriots of our democracy would not support murderous violence against their fellow citizens, elected officials and their own government because they lost an election.

We didn’t!  That’s democracy!

You don’t commit insurrection just because you didn’t get your way. That’s what fascist bullies do!

You are not patriots; conversely you are the very definition of treasonous and terrorist and should be dealt with accordingly.

©Dani Heart


4 thoughts on “What Freedom Means

    1. Thank you sweet Cindy. I so admire you and your beautiful photography. I haven’t been shooting much in the last year. We use to go on adventures and shoot, flowers and landscapes are my favorite, but it’s just been a wedding since nearing the end of the pandemic. It was fun and unusual everyone masked and very small. I hope you are well. We will get through this. It’s not over but I am doing my best to remain hopeful.


  1. Cindy Gural

    Wow, you should publish this somewhere. Send it to the WH or something. Every word is so powerful and so true. This writing had me grasping for air!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a huge compliment sweet Cindy. These times are so troubling. I am sure the white house gets dozens of email and mail regarding all the craziness and I am sure they have their hands full. 😦


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