A face I can’t unsee…

His look of unbridled, entitled, pompous, mocking as he dares a desperate horrified crowd to challenge his authority or try to stop him as he callously snuffs out the life of a man pleading for breath and calling out for his mother… is something I can never forget.

Subsequently…the verdict, karma and a very different look…offers a glimmer of hope for much needed change.



4 thoughts on “Chauvin

  1. I watched his eyes as the verdicts were read. He was shocked and panicked. He must have thought he was going to get off. And, like you I watched his eyes as he murdered a defenseless human being and felt good about it. He is now where he belongs.

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    1. I do think he thought he would get off. I remember his eyes darting to and fro as the verdict was being read. The gravity of his situation setting in, justice being served. Him being held accountable for the first time in probably a long time. Perhaps he truly felt he was above the law. We have to find a better way to protect both the police and the public. There has to be a better way. 😦


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