Never before 2016 has political news turned my

bowls to water…

The frequency of this occurrence in 2020 would have  

me diagnosed with IBS should I seek a doctor’s care.

My body is not the problem though; it is merely an indicator…of fear…

of a country gone insane with hatred, vitriol and murder.

of our democracy in peril.

of a possible existence I have only seen in foreign lands

of the reversal of my marriage

of the end of life and my country as I have known it.

I think my body’s telling me to get moving, get involved.

I always vote, but now I’m activated!

©Dani Heart


2 thoughts on “Movement

  1. Cindy Gural

    Very powerful and very true which makes your words so scary. I try not to think about it and hope it all works out for us on Nov 3rd but how could we not be overwhelmed and sick to our stomach at the mere thought of another 4 years uuuggghhh. Love what you have to say sweet Dani. We all need to be activated.

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  2. Thank you sweet Cindy. I have been donating when we can. I wanted to join a drive by meet and greet with our local congressional candidate but I had to work. If we all do just a little bit it would be a lot. Hugs.


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