As I Am

I have long rued the double standard that exists between men and women in the work place. The difference in what is required appearance wise is particularly upsetting to me. Requiring women to wear make-up just to be acceptable when men are acceptable as they are is most egregious. Even though it is not a stated requirement today, if you show up to an interview au natural you are not likely to get the job, depending on what the job is. What does that say about our society, certainly nothing good. As an experiment when I was looking for work I started to interview without make-up. I decided that I didn’t really want a job where I had to wear make up every day.  So except for a light foundation on days that my complexion needed evening out, I went au natural. I was pleasantly surprised that sometimes it didn’t seem to make a difference. Long story short, I have had several jobs now where I was not required to wear make-up. When I first entered the work force decades ago I’m certain that would not have been possible. I see it more and more now and it makes me so happy.  Today at my credit union I was assisted by my favorite teller. She is bubbly and sweet, and almost always au natural. Today I told her that I love that she chooses not to wear make-up, because I like natural beauty. She radiated glee while wishing me a great rest of my day. Baby steps are not light speed but change, however slow, is still progress. I look forward to the day when women are considered beautiful without modification, to the day when we are paid equally for the same work as men. We have made progress, but we’re still not there. Considering the current political climate and the erosion of some hard won rights, we must remain vigilant, for there is so much work left to do.

10 thoughts on “As I Am

  1. Melody J Haislip

    Hi, Dani, long time. I have to say I’m in pretty much total agreement with you, and sometimes I go out without makeup, but mostly I don’t. I’ve noticed that if I forget my earrings when I go out and realize it later, I feel naked. But if I go out bare-faced, I don’t feel naked, I feel vulnerable. I’m 5’2″ and smallish, and I’ve always viewed makeup as armor. I feel safe and in control behind it and will probably continue to paint up before I go out. I’m still waiting for the equal pay thing to happen, and I appreciate all those still on the barricades working for it!

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    1. Yeah that equal pay thing would be especially nice. 🙂 I don’t think we shouldn’t wear make up if we want to, just that it should be a choice and not a requirement. 🙂 You go girl whatever works for you. Hugs

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  2. Living Simple and Natural

    I found your post so beautiful to read. I too prefer to go au natural anywhere I go and I have blemishes and flaws on my skin but I don’t mind them. I just love the idea of always looking like myself anywhere I go. Thank you for sharing this ❤️

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  3. Cindy Gural

    So very true and so sad. I think at times things seem to be getting better but it ends up being two steps forward and a step back. I love what you had to say as always. I have been fortunate to always go au natural and land jobs and they get what they get and it’s ok. Not everyone and not every business works that way. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. I know that Noelle wishes she didn’t have to wear make up. I think if she phased it out slowly she could get away with it, but it is sort of expected in her industry. I hope things are changing, I know they are a little. Thank you so much sweet Cindy for reading and commenting. xo


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