Pie for Breakfast


The toxic torrent of hatred, bigotry, misogyny, racism, class-ism, sexism, and all around buffoonery that dominates our news cycles is nearly more than I can bear.

A president (not my president) that makes a mockery of our nation, our democracy, and assaulting women makes me fear for my safety and consider options of flight.

The onslaught of long overdue allegations of sexual misconduct and assaults, criminal prosecutions, and the crash and burn career endings of predatory men in power give me hope for our future.

Rays of sun sparkle on small and large bouts of activism and resistance…

Alabama organized and exercised their constitutional right to vote to keep a known pedophile out of office. Some even voted against their own party because they knew it was the right thing to do.

The tide is turning…

Red to Blue…perhaps…

But I prefer a nice shade of Purple…

Compromising, loving and caring for the whole not just a few.

We are one race HUMAN and we need to

start acting like it!

Until then we must do what we can do,

And there’s always…Pie for Breakfast.



Dani Heart





6 thoughts on “Pie for Breakfast

  1. I’m not from the US, but as an outsider (where it is always easier to “see”), there is a lot of fear working and hopefully it works out of the country’s system as a whole. However, having said that, it is safe to say that the same is happening in many other places too, even in my country. Sometimes, I feel that as humans we still need to “grow up” and learn how to act with some common sense.

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    1. Yes I know there are problems everywhere, and some places are much much worse for women. I just can’t believe as a country someone like the current president could have ever gotten elected. He represents everything reprehensible in our culture, and so many voted for him anyway. I think of was the consensus of the republican party to back him just so they could stay in power, and they really didn’t care who got hurt as long as they get what they want. Do you like your country? Do you ever think of going anywhere else? Welcome…and thank you for your comment. 🙂


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