Scarlett & Xena’s Caturday




Cheer Team Tiny Peppers it’s Nano Poblano Day 5.  It’s also considered Caturday when people post things about their felines on Saturdays. We have two Maine Coon kitty cats and they think everything in the Palace belongs to them. That includes us and the dog. HeHe.  I am a little sad to say that we purchased both of them from breeders. I don’t generally like breeders, but Coons are not your common everyday kitty. We have adopted cats from the shelter as well, but this time out we really had our hearts set on this breed.  We love them to pieces, but I have to say that if ever we do this again it will be another shelter kitty, or simply one in need of a good home.  Anyway without further ado I shall introduce our lovely felines.

Xena (Warrior Princess)

This is Xena, and she is every bit as feisty as her name would have you believe. She is also unbelievably loving when it suits her.  Both of our cats will answer to their names and most of the time come when called.






Main Coon Princess Scarlettdreams

This is Scarlettdreams. She is our love bug. I do think she would be perfectly happy to be snuggled all day in one of those baby slings.  She is also our Coon that fetches. It was her idea initially much to our shock. We got them these little puff ball toys and Scarlett would bring it to us in her mouth, drop it in front of us, and wait for us to throw it and then bring it back again.  She has a fish toy that dangles from a plastic pole that is meant for us to hold and dangle the fish so she can bat at it. She is perfectly happy to drag that toy all over the house, up and down stairs, everywhere.  Her special talent is meowing while dragging the toy about in her mouth.






These are the coolest cats we have ever had, but they have also required the most care. We had never had long haired cats before. They must be groomed fairly regularly. They have sensitive digestive tracks and can only eat their special diets.  They both have allergies.  All in all still so worth it.  Oh and here’s our dog Bandit that they frolick about with at night. They absolutely love him.  They think he belongs to them. LOL Scarlett rolls in his bed and steals his toys. 🙂

Bandit (aka Little dog)

Well that wraps up today’s post. See you all again tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Scarlett & Xena’s Caturday

  1. Your cat’s are gorgeous! I had no idea that Main Coons could be orange, I’ve only ever seen dark grey ones before. Thank you for sharing the pictures and the stories of Scarlett’s humorous antics. I burst out laughing at her dragging that toy all over the house while meowing. We just recently lost our remaining cat and he used to meow with his toys in his mouth all the time. 🙂

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    1. Yes they come in all colors. Orange females are hard to find we searched for a long time. We wanted females. Thank you for your kind words and I’m so sorry for your loss. We had one of our shelter ones die in our arms of old age many years back. Hard to take. Scarlett is quite the character as is our Xena. 🙂

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