The Great Pretenders


It’s probably somewhat common to

reinvent ourselves after epic failed

attempts at happiness.


We think if we do everything different

It should end differently too, and it does… end…

just differently.

Add to that the drilled in dogmas about who we should be versus who we are and you have a recipe for disaster.

Still we tried… and I think we gave it a fair shake.

Sadly neither one of us was living our truth.

The bold faced lies we told each other daily doomed us to fail from the start.

But we were soooo good in the beginning we even managed to convince ourselves.

The picture we painted was lovely; it just was never us.

Still… you introduced me to Dylan, Sting, Young, and Mitchell. The poet in my heart will always be grateful for that.

I can only hope that you have found the happiness that I have, and that like me, you are finally living your truth.


April 27, 2016










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