Homeless at Home


The afternoon grows cold,

the shorts and sleeveless t-shirt

are decisions I now regret…


A twist to the doorknob

quickly reveals my fate…

knocking will only bring a wrath

more bitter than the icy breeze

and chances are…

after an explosion

of expletive deletives are expelled,

I am scolded for not having a jacket
in the first place,

and I am again reminded of my idiot status;

the portal would slam shut!

Leaving me exactly where I am…

making my way to the side of the house.

The dryer vent my friend this day

as I huddle beneath it,

grateful for its expulsion of moist heat,

hoping there is enough laundry

to last until dinner time.


Copyright 2/22/2009

Dani Heart ♥


2 thoughts on “Homeless at Home

    1. Thank you sweet Carrie. It’s so good you checking in. 🙂 I am going back and adding audio to a lot of my poetry catalog. I think it adds depth, and now I have a very cool phone that makes it super easy to record. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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