Things I watch over and over.

Cheer Peppers it’s almost over. Today is Nano Poblano Day 23. I was visiting Rarasaur’s blog and got the inspiration for this post. She posted some You Tube videos that she re-watches.  So without further ado here are some videos that I like to see time and again. 🙂

  1. Noelle and I love to listen to this song and sing along to each other. 🙂

2. I love this because (It needed to be said) 😉

3. This clip from the TV show The Newsroom. Again needed to be said.

4. This one just always makes me laugh.

5. Love this Taylor Swift video. 🙂

6. I love this for obvious reasons… I hope we all dance like this when we’re old.

7. I love the Budweiser Clydesdale’s.

8. This one makes me cry happy tears every time. 🙂

9.  Needs no explanation. 🙂

10. And last but not least, for this list anyway…

What about you…what are some of your favorite videos to watch and watch again. Let me know in the comments or maybe you’ll do your own post.

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