Stupid Chicken



I return from the market

Arms laden with goods

The troops brought in bags

while in the kitchen I stood

I open the fridge and what do I see

That stupid chicken in front of me

With its designer package that never will fit

Makes loading the fridge frustrating as shit

My mind rearranges trying to pack it all in

but that stupid chicken is in the way again

How long has it been here? It must be thrown out

It can’t be any good there’s just not a doubt

In exasperation to the trash I trek

I’ll be rid of that stupid chicken yet

Now all is well the groceries in place

I close the fridge a smile on my face

I pride myself on a job well done

Stupid chicken is gone I finally won

My secure sense of order never lasts long

To my sweet Cheri the chicken belongs

She must have it and to my dismay

Another stupid chicken will appear any day

So sets the stage for all to see

The perpetual waltz between stupid and me.

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