Trend Micro… Not So Trendy Pickpockets

Cheer Peppers It’s Nano Poblano Day 5

There is a trend among some merchants these days to save your billing info whether or not they inform you and then attempt to re-bill you to renew their product.  This is they say clearly stated in their terms of service if and when you renew your subscription to their product.  I say, it’s not only shady but unethical.  This is what our world is coming to.  Last year I bought a renewal of internet security for our household computers through Best Buy. I always go into the store and pay cash because I don’t want them trying to bill me later.   I went into the store and used my credit card to purchase it because they said I needed to do that in order to renew.  Previously I had just bought new disks and installed them each time I renewed.  I figured it was okay cause I was purchasing it at Best Buy, but apparently Best Buy doesn’t mind that their customers are being treated this way.   The geek squad agent did not inform me that my credit card info would be kept and then billed again.  So today I received an email stating that my internet security would be renewed automatically at the renewal date via my credit card.  So I called… and what the geek squad told me is that Trend Micro’s policies forbid the renewing of a subscription with cash.  They force you to use a credit card and then they hijack your info for auto renewal.  What is the world coming to, when merchants insist on having their grubby paws on your money?  What if I chose a different software and didn’t want to renew with them.  I purchased a year… that’s it! There’s no guarantee that I will choose them year after year.  This puts the burden on me to cancel something I never agreed to in the first place.  It is getting harder and harder to control your own money.  We’re being forced to use credit/debit cards and then forced to allow our information to be stored for re-billing.  I like Trend Micro’s product, but I am so angry about their business practices, and let’s be honest they are not the only ones, that I may indeed look for something else.  For now, I cancelled my renewal and my info has been removed.  I guess I will see what I want to do come renewal time.  I think this is a terrible sign for consumers of the direction that things are going.  I am absolutely against auto debits.  They are a bad idea for many reasons, but mainly because they take the control of your money away from you. Shame on Trend Micro, and all other businesses that are implementing these unethical practices. Shame shame shame

4 thoughts on “Trend Micro… Not So Trendy Pickpockets

  1. cindy gural

    It is down right wrong but yes more and more companies are doing this. All businesses seem to be so pushy for your business or other parts of their business once they have you hooked for a certain product. An example, my
    car/house insurance company/agent I keep getting emails and letters to let them view my account/ life to see what else they can sell me. I’m so sick of it. Anyway I love reading your posts/blogs.

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