And…. that’s a Wrap!

Have you ever bought a car in a color you weren’t particularly happy with?  If you’re like me at all, practicality has made you rationalize and settle more often than you’d care to admit.  I have had several white cars in my lifetime. It’s the most popular color, has the best re-sale value, and since dealers have the most vehicles in white they are encouraged to make deals to move them. Now I like white, don’t get me wrong. There was even a time when I painted a brown car white, but that was a heat/desert thing due to no a/c.  The absence of color can sometimes be a good thing, especially when it’s mixed with vibrant color like (rainbow) giggles.  So although having a white vehicle has never bothered me, I have always been drawn to vibrant color, and too often the color choices for new cars are less than adequate in my opinion. I mean it’s a pretty big investment, shouldn’t you be able to have it in the color you would most like?  Well now you can. 🙂

Giselle (as purchased)
Giselle (as purchased)

This is my Honda CRV the way I bought her.

This is my Honda CRV now!

Fabulous Giselle
Fabulous Giselle
Purple Zebra seat covers to add to the flair. 🙂


There exists a thing called a vinyl wrap.  It doesn’t damage your existing paint, and it can easily be removed, so it doesn’t devalue your vehicle for re-sale.  It costs a fraction of a good paint job with none of the downsides. Well, in my case the only downside is with my color choice,  I can no longer blend. LOL I will have to be on my best driving behavior.  My car is nearly 10 years old and I feel like she’s brand new again.  There are many places that do vinyl wraps. I would suggest checking reviews.  All installers are not equal.  If you live in Southern California you might want to look up Jesse and Sam at Royal Designs who did my wrap. They wrap on weekends and they are passionate about what they do. Here is a shot of their business card.



You can check them out on Instagram @royalwraps to see examples of their work.  You might even see another photo of Giselle. 🙂

And….that’s a wrap! 😉

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