Sound the alarm… “The Redcoats are coming… the redcoats are coming!”

From the beginning of time alarms have been designed to evoke the fight or flight response, and I suppose the good ones do just that.  This is my Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 (aka) spying little f–k-r), that I got for my birthday last year.

Spying little f--k-r
Spying little f–k-r

I love my phone.  As a visually impaired person I remain ever grateful to Samsung for making a smart phone that I can use and enjoy.  What I don’t love about having a smart phone is the invasion of my privacy.  It worries me greatly that my phone can be hijacked and controlled remotely, that it can track and record my movements, conversations, if the government deemed it warranted.  We are not entitled to privacy in public places, but we should be entitled to privacy in our homes and on our private devices.

Yesterday while I was writing at my pc… all of sudden a hideous alarm sounded and scared the holy living crap out of me… I thought at first it was the fire alarm.. I couldn’t figure out exactly where it was coming from. It hurt my ears so bad and I hurried to find it and shut it up.  I finally deduced it was coming from my phone?! When I looked at it I read an amber alert and when I pushed okay the alarm finally ceased.  I didn’t sign up to receive amber alerts on my phone, so why was this hideous alarm sounding from my phone? The key here is MY phone.  Nothing should be going on with MY phone that I don’t know about and did not authorize.  At this point I was exceedingly grateful that I had not been driving when this happened. If I had it is very likely that I would have crashed.  I have very sensitive hearing and sounds that merely annoy most people actually cause me physical pain.  It was awful enough in a large room, I can only imagine how much worse it would have been in the small enclosed environment of my car?

So I did some research… and come to find out this is a new thing… there are several alerts that are either installed on your phone when you get it or comes in the form of an update.  Either way… I was never told my phone could sound an alarm that would scare the crap out of me nor did I ever authorize it to do so.  What kind of a country are we living in when things that we purchase, that are ours, we don’t even have complete control over what they do?  Well I went through the alerts once I figured out how, and because my particular phone does not allow me to put the alert on vibrate, I removed all that I was able, because that horrific sound is a danger to my safety.   There was only one on my phone that it would not allow me to uncheck, and that was an alert from the president.  Since the only scenario I could fathom where the president would need to address the citizenry directly would involve our country being under attack, I deduced that that would indeed be a good enough reason to scare the crap out me and possibly make me crash my car.  Someone’s child going missing however does not fall into the category of important enough to make Dani crash her car and possibly harm herself or others.  No offense to the horrified grieving parents of missing children.  I am totally in favor of amber alerts and I do see them on my computer.  I am not even against the alerts in general if you could choose the tone or put it on vibrate.  What I am against is the fact that I was never asked or notified, and that the sound is so awful and horrifically deafening.  I am seriously starting to question whether or not I should even carry my phone with me?  I like the security of knowing in an emergency I have the ability to call for help, but at what cost? Any device now that has the ability to connect to wifi can be used to spy on us.  We are photographed hundreds of times a day as we move about in society.  The dystopian societies of fictional futuristic sci-fi faire are becoming closer and closer to reality and it’s pretty scary.

2 thoughts on “Sound the alarm… “The Redcoats are coming… the redcoats are coming!”

  1. Long gone is our privacy, no doubt about that. My family and I were just discussing this at dinner last night. It’s eye-opening when you realize how much data someone could collect on us if they wanted to. We move so quickly forward with technology, we don’t always stop to consider its implications on our privacy.

    I haven’t had the amber alert on my phone yet, and while I’d be fine with having it, I do startle easily, and I’d hate to think of the spectacle I’d make of myself if I was out in public when it went off! Then again, maybe everyone’s phone would be alarming at the same time. That’s creepy in and of itself.

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  2. I agree Carrie, I wouldn’t mind the alert at all if I could choose the sound. My wife and her assistant got the same alert on their phones in their office. They have 4 cell phones two private and two business. The office is very small and echoey. She said it was just awful and they couldn’t turn them off fast enough. I too startle so easily. Someone just walking in the room can make me jump through the trees and get my heart rate up. sighs… lol It’s funny but not. I think the alerts are a good idea, but I worry about how many things of late (technology wise and otherwise) are merely forced on us. If we so willingly give up our right to choose…what will be next? I don’t like to think about it. Always so happy to see comments from you. 🙂


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